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Author/Illustrator Blog Tour

Thanks to the wonderful Jacqueline Green , author of the Truth or Dare series, and my YA Fangirling compatriot for saying “Tag – you’re it!” to me for this author/illustrator blog tour.   Without further ado, here are my answers: What am I currently working on? I actually have several works-in-progress at the moment, but today in particular, I’m working on a revision of a book I’m particularly excited about called Faceless , which will publish next fall.   Faceless is the story of a girl named Maisie Winters who is in a terrible accident – as a result of which, she needs a face transplant.   Researching this book has been fascinating.   Fewer than 30 face transplants have ever been performed (most of them partial), and there are only a handful of hospitals in the country that are equipped to do them at all.   And as interesting and almost out of this world as the science behind this story is, I still feel like it’s relatable somehow – because it’s also just the story of

Second Star Launch: Monday May 12, New York, NY!

My new novel, Second Star , publishes on Tuesday, May thirteenth.   Please join me to celebrate the book’s publication – and get your hands on a copy one day early! – with a launch event at Monday, May 12th at Books of Wonder (details below). And, if you just can’t get enough Second Star, I’ll also be participating in a Teen Author Reading Night along with a group of wonderful YA authors on Wednesday, July 9th at the Jefferson Market Branch of the New York Public Library. Hope to see you soon! Monday, May 12, 2014 Books of Wonder 18 West 18th Street New York , NY 6pm Wednesday, July 9, 2011 Teen Author Reading Night Jefferson Market Branch of NYPL (at the corner of Sixth Avenue and 10th street) 6pm-7:30pm Featured Authors: Ellen Jensen Abbott Charlotte Bennardo Zoraida Cordova Amanda Maciel Anna Schumacher Alyssa Sheinmel Christopher Van Etten Alecia Whitaker